[The lighting in the living room is not good enough to smash the bedroom wall] You can try this kind of solution to the dilemma that the lighting in the bedroom and the living room can only be left alone. Attacked |

In the past few years, houses can be said to be the common expenses of Chinese people in their lives. Basically, housing prices in every place have exceeded people’s acceptance. Most ordinary people can only choose within their budgets, but they often choose high-cost-effective houses in this way. There are some glitches.

In the size of the house, most families would like to divide into multiple rooms, but because of the structure of this house, there will be some problems, and then lighting and ventilation will become a big problem.

The floor plan is a slender house type, with no windows on the east and west sides, and only the north and south have lighting.

Then, divide the area only by solid walls.

But it is not without a solution, you can do this

The living room is placed at the north end; the kitchen is changed to an open style, and a central island is added; the cabinet in the bedroom should not be placed in the room, and the window + light-through door should be opened; a small window should be opened in the bathroom to avoid becoming a hidden guard

The sofa and dining table can be put down in the dining room, and the overall area becomes larger.

The doors and windows of the second bedroom are selected, and the small room separated out provides a light source to ensure light.

Because of this window, the water vapor in the bathroom can be discharged, and the ventilation and light ensure that the bathroom will not be dark. wash

The idea of ​​opening indoor windows came from Japan, a neighboring country with a large area. Let’s feel it in the picture above.

A half-wall glass window is created for transparency, which doubles the entire space visually.

If you think about it carefully, opening windows in the interior can solve the pain caused by many family room types, and the visual effect is very good.

Don't worry about not being able to learn, there are many types of indoor window openings, and there are only two modes in the main category. One is to open small windows for ventilation, ventilation, and light transmission. The type has a flip-up casement window. It can be opened to the limit to realize air convection in the room.

The flip-up type casement window is commonly used, and the other kind is not so popular that everyone chooses a small push-pull window, although it cannot be fully opened. But as brightening lighting and convection, it is basically enough.

, then we said that the second mode area half-wall type window in the two modes. This kind of window is mainly to increase the lighting. If you want the appearance, it can be opened. It is estimated that the technical requirements will be met.

Let's take a look at how to build this window in foreign practice cases.

At present, most of the domestic ones are made of aluminum alloy or wrought iron, and it is recommended to have a thinner frame in late summer.

To ensure privacy, you can choose to make engraved glass or embossed glass, which is transparent and invisible. very.

This method makes room needs, in theory, it only needs to be able to put down the bed, and the inside is just a private space for people to rest.

We don't need to think about it. Opening the window itself is just an idea and a solution. There are many wonderful ideas that can be explored. For example, the way to open the window at the corner can maximize the utilization of indoor space. Look, there is a whole wall of wardrobes directly erected on the wall without windows; half of the wall with windows in the corner is not wasted, and a table, a chair, and a lamp under the window make the small office area very cozy. Don't think that the position of the window is fixed, but the corner of the wall is fine. Looking out through the window, you will see this corner close to the public space window, allowing the bedroom to borrow light as long as the blinds are drawn.

There are also some that make people feel a bit brainy, and they are examples. One more room is added, with a square platform in between. The large doors and windows on both sides are aggressive. The key is not to let go of the bottom of the platform, and the storage function is invincible.

The wall of the full-length mirror is "geometrically designed". Rectangular full-length mirror, one-shaped hook, round vanity mirror, L-shaped black and white storage slot. .

Behind the porch is a small balcony. Moderate space collocation, emotional appeal. The refrigerator "hides" behind the porch cabinet, stealth~

The Chinese and Western kitchens are designed in a variety of ways, allowing the family to cook a variety of delicacies.

You can drink some red wine or eat western food at the small bar. What a thing it is to enjoy a diverse dining environment at home. The kitchen smashed half of the wall, which is too much! How to decorate the living room with lighting? How to ventilate the home? solve~

The Chinese restaurant is spiritual. A log dining table is enough for four people to dine. If there are many visitors, you can add the main table at both ends of the table.

Soft decoration is the main reason for the appearance of the restaurant. , and this embellishment is just right floral arrangement.

Looking at this home from the side, it is grand and elegant!

Green is the main color in the living room area, which is fashionable.

The open window sill cabinet is full of books and favorite objects, which inadvertently becomes a literary and leisure area.

bedroom. A half-wall design is made at the head of the bed, commonly known as the sanitary wall, which is now becoming popular in home decoration. Two wall lights set the mood. Sliding glass door wardrobe reveals a sense of style.

Putting a coffee table and cushions on the balcony without a bay window is equally artistic.

Before buying a house, our ideal home was facing south, with ventilation and lighting, a square layout, and no noise… It could be perfect and meet our expectations for the home, but in the end it was basically a dream, and we compromised on RMB.

So knowing the light in this house, I finally compromised, because sunlight in big cities is too expensive.

, The lighting compromise is divided into degrees.

We have to decide where lighting can be compromised.

To choose a house in this order, the living room, bathroom, and kitchen must have windows, and the bedroom can be compromised.

Also, it can be retrofitted later to improve the lighting of the house, optional; otherwise, choose carefully.

But if the house is bought, can it be salvaged?

There are three ways to improve lighting:

The wall is smashed, the house lights up

If it is a non-load-bearing wall, you can smash it and use a glass wall to make the light unobstructed: such as the study corridor, between the kitchen and the dining room, and the bedroom corridor glass + curtains to improve lighting.

Take a look at Song Qian's bedroom in "Happiness". The entire wall was smashed and replaced with a glass door. In this way, the lighting can be shared in a large area, and the curtains can be drawn to increase the privacy of the space when sleeping at night.

The balcony is the main lighting surface in all apartment types. If there is an extra door between the balcony and the living room, the light will be lost.

Further reading…

You can try this solution to the dilemma that there can only be one lighting in the bedroom and the living room

The lighting in the living room is not good, so the decoration smashed half of the wall, and the whole house is counterattacked

So here comes the problem, how to solve the problems of privacy, noise, and heat preservation with a layer of barrier?

Will your relatives and friends invite Feng Shui masters when they look at the house? I know an old man who is planning to buy a new house, so he invited a master to watch Feng Shui together. Take a look, I'll take it. It made me, a materialist, want to knock him over the head with a copy of "Marxism-Leninism". Let's go, when it's time to watch the excitement, this friend can't be thrown away.

After the old master met, he was dressed in retro clothes, holding a compass in his hand, and had long hair. His appearance looked like a Hengdian film set. The master entered the gate of the community and began to mutter words. I thought to myself, it's over, I met a "master" today. When my friend took a fancy to the suite, the master master held the compass in his left hand and twisted it in his right hand. Balabala said a lot about the direction of the house, the location of the doors and windows in the room, and we heard a lot.

"What's wrong with your house? The lighting isn't good, what about the lighting…" The old master paused for a few seconds, looking at my old brother thoughtfully, which scared my buddy to look at him. Breathing stopped. Seeing this, the master continued to say: "Lighting, your luck will be hindered. If you want to be lucky, you need to put a pink crystal in the southeast of the bedroom."

It's over, after hearing this, I guessed what he was going to say next. Sure enough, the master said with a half-smile: "I have a starlight powder crystal that has been treasured for many years in my hand. If you want it, I can give it to you." After speaking, he looked at my buddy meaningfully. My buddy looked at me dumbfounded. I thought to myself, right? See what I do, dig a hole and fill it yourself.

Many Chinese people like to look at Feng Shui when looking at houses, and this thing is trustworthy. However, from the perspective of health preservation, the master's saying that "light affects health" is still scientifically reasonable. The lighting in the bedroom will affect the mood, the mood will affect the sleep, and the sleep will affect the health. It is time to become Lin Daiyu.

Lighting in the bedroom is the primary condition for choosing a house. It is good to be transparent from north to south. However, when someone buys a house, due to various reasons such as funds, floors, and apartment types, the indoor lighting is not good. Like my brother, buy it; buy it, it may be a problem for children to go to school. How to do it? Brother Di, I came up with a few ideas, and if you need them, you can take a look together.

The usable area of ​​a small-sized house, under the premise of not moving the load-bearing wall, the indoor wall can be knocked down or knocked down, and the living room is designed with an open layout. Light colors, reflective materials, with lighting and the like, brighten up the room. The balcony of my brother's living room is a non-load-bearing wall. After listening to my suggestion, I opened it directly between the balcony of the living room.

We can see that the living room was forced before the renovation, but after the renovation, the light enters the room, and the space immediately rises. You said that the house price is so high now, and the house is expensive. My buddy, I said, the extra square meters from smashing the wall can net tens of thousands of dollars. Think about it and be happy.

If the load-bearing wall between the balcony of your living room cannot be removed, you should honestly stop tossing.

Not all balconies can be connected. Balconies are divided into convex balconies, balconies, and composite balconies. Only balconies can be directly removed and connected to the living room. Therefore, ask the property owner before hitting the wall. Otherwise, your wall will be smashed, and the property will be messed with. It hurts to think about it.

There is a wall between the kitchen and the living room of the apartment type. This wall blocks the light and can be smashed. It can be used as a transparent partition to install a glass partition door to make the room spacious and bright. like this:

This is the open kitchen of a colleague of mine. We can see that there is an independent small space separated from the large space by the glass partition, which separates the functional areas of the large and small spaces without affecting the overall sense of space. If you have an open kitchen and are worried about oil fume overflowing, glass partitions can solve it for you. Transparent glass can broaden the field of vision, affect lighting, and can isolate oily fumes. Like the above-mentioned kitchen and living room, the glass partition can be used for cooking and watching TV.

Light colors can reflect light, and dark colors can absorb light. If the room is originally lit and you have a dark wall, the effect of the room is likely to be like this:

If you don't want your home to look like an escape room, change the walls. , if there is a buddy who likes this kind of tune, Brother Di, I express my spiritual understanding, and each has its own love for vegetables and radishes.

If the brightness is not enough, light colors are used to make up, and light colors are the best way to increase brightness. After understanding this concept, the interior walls should be dominated by light colors, like this:

After watching the living room with black paint, the living room is refreshing and refreshing. Does the mood feel a lot better?

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The house is not well lit to live in tears? I advise you to save it like this

What should I do if the indoor lighting is not good? Learn these 5 tricks to light up the room in minutes!

As mentioned earlier, the "color system" of the wall is the same. If the lighting furniture in the living room chooses light colors, elegant and timeless colors, this can greatly improve the sense of indoor light. If you think the interior is pure white, you can use off-white, log color, gray, and soft decorations with warm colors to create a living environment. For example like this:

We talked about the layout, the partitions, the walls, and the furniture. There is another factor that can make the indoor light lift up, and that is the lighting design.

Now the design without main light is very popular, but if you want to use indoor lighting, Di Ge advises you not to give up the main light. If you really want to have a sense of atmosphere, you can use spotlights or light strips around the ceiling to let the light hit the wall and make the interior space harmonious. like this:

When choosing a light strip, don't choose too much white light, you can choose some yellow light for the color. The color temperature is about 4000-5000K (neutral), and there is a formula to calculate the illuminance, so:

Indoor lighting: 4x5m room, using 9 sets of 3x36W partition lights

Like the living room above, it makes people feel very at home. When it comes to the choice of lamps, don’t be fooled, the quality of the lamps will be greatly compromised, and there will be hidden dangers in safety. Otherwise, if you bought a 9.9 light, don’t blame me for not reminding you, when the overhead light explodes on the spot, the picture will look good.

Lighting is the fourth space of the home, and it must be resolved during decoration to ensure the ability to live. But not every home can have an ideal house type. If your house cannot have lighting because of the house type, you can try these lighting techniques introduced by Dige.

Marco Polo tile glazed living room dining room wall tile floor tile MH88MS030 Kappa gray 800X800 (single piece price, full box purchase)

Marco Polo tile glazed living room dining room wall tile floor tile MH88MS030 Kappa gray 800X800 (single piece price, full box purchase)

Socket God? The first decoration, 21 socket positions, all of them will be sockets in the later stage

This is a large apartment that should work! 155㎡, the whole house is simplified, it is called an atmosphere

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If so, I can't see that her house is only 39㎡! Do an integrated design for your own home

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94㎡ new house, the hard decoration cost 120,000 yuan to get it done, many people came to visit after the completion, it is a good face

The new house has been ventilated for three months, choose a good day to prepare for the housewarming, and spend 120,000 yuan on hard decoration, take it out to dry

Bedroom decoration, "6 points" are very, "comfort" after finishing

Your home is a thought away from layout! Look at her 90㎡ home, just double the door opening

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