【Daughter-in-law pinches me】I want to ask what should I do if I pinch my wife|I want to ask what should I do if I pinched my wife|I dreamed that my wife pinched my hand|

How to arrange you have to have a spectrum. Maybe I'm trying to save money and effort. There are also two and three children. Coordinating the handling methods, I guess they have no chance to show up.

Greet the other party's parents at the exit, maybe repair it, dare to do it, what kind of mother-in-law wife are you marrying? If the rules are not established, your family will guess.

My daughter-in-law understands these situations. She, like some girls, asks me if I want this or that, but instead works part-time with me during the holidays.

Her family conditions me, my parents have decent jobs, and they earn money from part-time jobs. They give me a share, and tell my parents to buy clothes or health care products.

So, I love her and swear to her forever.

When she got married, she asked for a lot of bride price. And we live in a house now, and her parents helped to pay the down payment for the house. Although it is not a mansion, but I am satisfied.

In the third year of our marriage, we had a baby. Her parents have not retired, and other cities cannot help us take care of the children.

As for my parents, they have a lot of time. When my mother heard the news of her pregnancy, she was very happy, and said at the time that she could come and help me with the baby.

I asked my daughter-in-law for her opinion, and she smiled and said:

Mom is so old, she enjoys a lot of happiness at home. I can bring the child by myself.

Because she wanted to save money for the mortgage, the confinement wife was dismissed in only two months, and the child was brought by the daughter-in-law.

During that time, she did complain that I was at home at work, and she had to take care of the children and clean up the housework.

In the blink of an eye, the child is half a year old, and the daughter-in-law is back to work after her maternity leave. With no one to take the children, my mother booked the train ticket that afternoon without saying a word.

, my daughter-in-law and my mother got it.

My mother is a person. Every morning after five o'clock in the kitchen, I go to wash diapers after cooking. My wife and I get up and wash up, and breakfast is served on the table.

But, knowing when it started, my daughter-in-law became naive.

I know that my mother's appearance, to some extent, has indeed brought inconvenience to our lives.

For example, I used to have a relationship with my daughter-in-law and always liked to be together. Sometimes when she took a bath, she asked me to go in and rub her back. After taking a bath, she ran around the room naked.

But after my mother came, she went to the toilet and had to wear her pajamas properly.

She and I like to sleep in, it's the weekend. But my mother is used to it. Every day when she wakes up, the pots and pans in the kitchen are buzzing.

, My daughter-in-law has complaints.

Once she knocked, walked to our bedroom and took the baby out, we were shocked.

My mother is used to going to the toilet in rural areas, and always forgets to flush. I think it is understandable. She will talk for two or three days.

There are many similar contradictions.

However, what are these trivial matters compared to my mother's efforts? Why is my daughter-in-law so understanding?

She was so considerate before, but why is she so bitter now?

She told me more than once that she wanted my mother to go back, even if she wanted to find a nanny. But I really can't say this, and we don't have that much money, why can't we?

Well, she, my mother, took it out on me.

I am innocent, she quarreled several times. Now the relationship between us is the same as before.

A few days ago, she said to me:

I'm done! Or, let your mother go back to her hometown. Or, we divorce!

Now I feel that the two of them are good people, there is nothing wrong with them, why are they incompatible when living together?

I think the problem is mainly my daughter-in-law, she knows how to be grateful!

You are content, brother!

So girl, you work part-time before marriage, buy a house for you after marriage, take care of your baby without complaint or regret, and live your life wholeheartedly, what satisfaction do you have?

If you are willing to live with your mother-in-law, you can ask, which girl would like to live with her mother-in-law?

Don't use me as a role model. I have a bad temper and offended my mother-in-law. Besides, I have to work hard to make money to buy a house to prevent the possibility of conflicts.

In real life, not every mother-in-law can treat the parent-child relationship correctly, and not every daughter-in-law can maintain her dignity and appearance.

A very marriage is in danger because of the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, but you can't extricate yourself from the "" situation.

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law consume each other's feelings in getting along day and night because of living habits, three views, and ways of doing things.

The way to deal with these contradictions is to treat each other reasonably with a sense of distance and sense of proportion.

If the relationship between husband and wife is the core of the family and has the first say, then the family will be rock solid.

On the contrary, if the parent-child relationship (including in-laws, husbands, husbands and children, and wives and children) overrides the relationship between husband and wife, two problems will arise: one is the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and the other is love for children.

Obviously, in this family relationship, you put the relationship with your mother above the relationship between husband and wife. Over time, it is strange that there are problems in the marriage.

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I dreamed that my daughter-in-law pinched my hand

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are both very good, why do they fight when they live together?

Live with mother-in-law, don't you behave sensiblely? If this is the theory, then there are many ignorant women in the world.

A reporter interviewed Zhao Liying and asked her if she would like to live with her parents-in-law. She answered directly, "No".

Zhang Jiani Xiao S and Cai Kangyong supported "Flowers and Everything" and made it clear, "I will not live with my mother-in-law."

As public figures, they know that their words and deeds may cause hype, but there is no discussion on the issue of "whether to live with their in-laws".

It seems that many women are willing to face problems when they live with their parents-in-law.

There is a popular variety show "My Women", and the perspective turns to the stars' mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Men, mothers and wives are women.

Cai Shaofen and her mother-in-law met for the first time, and her mother-in-law ignored her existence and went directly to hug Zhang Jin. She had to know what to talk about; later, she had a disagreement with her mother-in-law because of the question of what water to cook the noodles with;

When Cai Shaofen got lost in a foreign country and made a phone call, her mother-in-law complained many times;

Later, when she returned to the hotel and rested on the sofa, her mother-in-law not only did not say a word of comfort, but instead accused her of answering the phone, and complained that her plan was wrong…

These clips can still be played in front of the screen, and they restrain each other. What about the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in an ordinary family?

As time goes on, what kind of friction will arise? Will they take each other's face into consideration?

A sensible woman, living with her parents-in-law, will inevitably have problems of one kind or another, resulting in large and small conflicts.

Remember the hit drama "Double-sided Tape" many years ago? Until now, this work can alert many people into marriage.

Born in Hu Lijuan's family in Shanghai, she was spoiled and spoiled. She is a rich and beautiful woman.

She fell in love with Yaping, a young man from the northeast countryside who came to Shanghai to work hard. Although Yaping is from the countryside, his family background is a typical "Phoenix man".

Lijuan's parents are not optimistic about him, but Lijuan insists on marrying him regardless of her parents.

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How can I have the heart to pinch such a beautiful daughter-in-law, just spend money on a lesson

The man surrendered himself: I seem to have strangled my "daughter-in-law" – Sohu News

Unable to resist her daughter's insistence, Lijuan's parents got married and bought a house for her daughter.

At first, the two lived very well after marriage, and Yaping doted on the coquettish Lijuan very much. They loved each other and lived very well.

However, all of this came to an abrupt end after the mother-in-law.

Lijuan's mother-in-law thought traditionally and believed that all housework should be done by women, so when she saw that Yaping was cooking or washing clothes, "" Lijuan came into being.

In her eyes, her daughter-in-law is useless: spending money lavishly, being a man, doing housework, eating too much and being lazy, all kinds of things her daughter-in-law can't understand.

Lijuan Yaping complained and asked for patience.

Yaping herself enjoys the care and comfort her mother gives her in life, which Lijuan feels.

The ideology between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law escalated and intensified the conflict, coupled with the mother-in-law's scolding and complaints, caused Yaping's wife to have a problem, and her fist hit Lijuan.

The mother-in-law broke up a marriage that was originally very serious.

In Yaping's heart, mother is, wife is cute, love.

However, when the two lovers lived together, conflicts and frictions arose, which made him tired of coping, and the marriage was on the verge of breakdown.

All parents wish their sons well, and all wives wish their husbands well.

But when two women, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, live together because of the same man, is it strange that there is hope for the two of them, water and fire?

In the TV series "Our Marriage", there is such a line, which explains this relationship:

Li Yanni recently, after her mother-in-law came to live at home, the two had a dispute over some things, among which was the purchase of cosmetics.

After giving birth to her son, her mother-in-law Zhu Jiuying came to the city to help take care of her grandson. Li Yanni felt that the nightmare began at that time. Without children, Li Yanni and her mother-in-law are fine, and they spend a lot of time together.

Because of this, when her husband Mu Fan asked her mother to help raise the child, Li Yanni did not refuse, because she had been on leave for more than half a year and urgently needed to return to the workplace, otherwise, she felt that she had left the world.

Li Yanni is in car sales, because she has to contact customers every day, so she attaches great importance to her own image. She makes money in this industry, but it costs a lot. A set of cosmetics costs thousands of dollars. How can Li Yanni buy several sets in a quarter.

Zhu Jiuying knew this at first, but one day when she was cleaning up the room, Li Yanni's bottle of lotion hit the ground and broke. Li Yanni was angry because she entrusted her friend France to bring back the Lancome (Lancome) series, the price is very beautiful.

Li Yanni yelled at her mother-in-law: "Why are you so careful? Do you know how much a bottle costs? More than a thousand—"

Zhu Jiuying was dumbfounded when he heard that, so the bottle of water is more than a thousand? Are those waters made of gold? It was Zhu Jiuying who heard that the bottles and cans on the dressing table were tens of thousands of yuan, the old man from the country looked like he had cut his flesh.

Angered by his daughter-in-law, Zhu Jiuying sued her son, saying that she was her daughter-in-law, how could this daughter-in-law be so prodigal, and asked her son not to want her money to buy these useless things.

Mu Fan smiled wryly and his mother explained: "Mom, Yanni is in the industry, she needs to face customers, so she pays attention to her appearance, and she basically spends her own money, so what do I say?"

Zhu Jiuying doesn't think so, what do you mean by spending your own money? Since she married into the Mu family, the Mu family, of course, it was the Mu family who made money.

Zhu Jiuying was very uncomfortable, and she began to feel that this daughter-in-law was unreliable. So she looked for opportunities every day to talk about it, meaning to let Li Yanni buy some cosmetics and save more money.

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