[Emotions go around my own dead end] It can be seen from the attitude of the quarrel|A woman who understands how to manage relationships|will have these performances|

There are omens for the end of any relationship; there is no sudden end, and all partings have given you enough hints.

Some people have feelings like this: "I'm in love, what is it?"

"The other party is together, what am I going to do? Am I having a good time?"

Having such doubts shows that your partner's determination is beginning to waver.

There are some couples who are fighting in a precarious relationship, but who doesn't want to be the first to "break up".

Fighting, fighting, consuming each other.

, There will be omens when the feelings go.

In this article, you see:

In the end, the relationship between the two deteriorated.

Scarred feelings, is there any room for redemption?

First: Contradictory, indifferent

"The embankment of a thousand miles is destroyed by an ant's nest", any emotional breakdown is accumulated from a little bit of contradiction.

In the process of couples falling in love, it is inevitable that there will be various contradictions, quarrels and confrontations.

When a conflict arises, the way two people react and respond will directly affect the subsequent relationship.

Boys have a personality of admitting death and are willing to admit defeat; girls are impatient and swear at every disagreement.

Boys insist on themselves, regardless of mistakes, admit their own reasons;

Girls want to change boys, thinking that boys are considerate and understanding.

But when girls talk and express, boys see it as "unreasonable trouble".

Boys are indifferent, and in the eyes of girls, they are "not loving and considerate enough".

You see, the conflict between the two will magnify next.

A little bit of trifle will cause a lot of quarrels.

The last time the contradiction was not resolved, a contradiction emerged.

Willing to compromise, willing to give in, and want to win over the other party.

It is conceivable that this relationship will go on.

To manage a relationship, you need to learn to quarrel with meaningful love, and to use your emotional intelligence when you are in a state of anger. Think about what result you want from this quarrel? If the answer goes into a dead end, it means that this topic will come back in another situation one day, until the separation is forced to the point where you can't bear it.

If you talk about you, I will continue to do my work; if you are noisy, if you curse, I will take care of you.

Who is willing to solve the problem and let the contradiction ferment.

At the beginning, I lost the sheep and thought about repairing the sheepfold; later, the number of sheep became less and less, and when I went to repair the sheepfold, the losses and formations were formed, which hurt my muscles and bones.

Even if it is repaired, there are still shadows in my heart.

There is a problem with the relationship between couples like this, and this kind of love pattern has been developed in their hearts.

Habits are formed, bad habits are formed, this is human nature.

To defeat the relationship between two people, there is a relationship between emotion and practical factors.

It is mentioned here: the right family, the pursuit of each other, the future expectation, and the idea of ​​marriage.

There are many difficulties for two people in the door.

Your family conditions, work, income, and your own conditions.

And the other party, you get up, and you want a lot.

At this time, even if you can accept it, the other party can accept it in his heart.

Because of his self-esteem, time will pass.

You will find that the two of you have the same ideas on many issues.

Consumption concept, life concept, attitude towards marriage,.

How to communicate cannot bridge the conceptual gap.

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Only when the relationship has entered a "dead end" will there be these manifestations

Suddenly found out, have you been circled into a dead end by yourself?

Do you know what adult feelings are about?

: What kind of person are you, and what kind of person should you be with.

What you have will match you.

The gap is more than two people, go on.

You continue to be with each other not because of love, but because of "stubbornness".

One condition girls, condition boys together.

They have a consumption view and quarrel because of spending money.

Although girls agree with boys' ideas and feel that they can't go on with boys, the conflict of values ​​is an emotional obstacle.

But the girl is willing to give up in her heart. She exudes "maternal brilliance", thinking that she has the ability to change the other party, and that she is enough to manage this relationship.

But after trying hard, I found that it still didn't work.

This cognitive dissonance, the cognitive bias of one's own abilities, and the relationship between the two of them exceeded expectations.

Matched couples have only one result: parting ways.

Third: Appearance is incongruity, self-deception

Both realize that the relationship has come to an end, but who is willing to take the initiative to break up.

Too lazy to communicate with each other, too lazy to talk, life is busy with each other, who wants to take the initiative to chat with each other.

"There is no quarreling and love in the world, only collision relationship." Think about it, there will be angels and demons in the small theater of our girls' hearts, and there will be moments of conflict when two people from their growth environment are together.

To manage a relationship, you need to learn to quarrel with meaningful love, and to use your emotional intelligence when you are in a state of anger. Think about what result you want from this quarrel? If the answer goes into a dead end, it means that this topic will come back in another situation one day, until the separation is forced to the point where you can't bear it.

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Is it really impossible to get around the dead end of the dull period of love?

Once again I've backed myself into a dead end and kept asking "why"

When a man's sanity collapses, some things can't be seen clearly, and the disguise can become inexplicable. Want to know how much he loves you? See what happened to you after he quarreled…

Recently, I heard a case of Qiqiu. After a girlfriend and her boyfriend quarreled, the other party slammed the door of the rented apartment and left. They felt separated, and the next moment they said it would make the other party feel like a thousand arrows, but when they went downstairs, they found that their boyfriend called Uber for her. The message explained When you get home, you must report that you are safe.

When I got in the car, I suddenly felt that the anger and disputes were not so much. It's you, what problems can be solved later. The amount of information behind this story, for example, the boyfriend is obviously very angry with her, and it is a habit to quarrel and slam the door…

This boy's girlfriend's home is set up as a common address, but the thing is that he shares "Even though we are on opposite sides at this moment, but I love you", even if you are mad, demeanor loves you and stays away.

When in love, you should find a man who will still protect you even when you are angry.

We know each other, we understand each other's weaknesses, and it hurts so much to speak out when we quarrel. It is not a bad thing to quarrel and press the key at the right time. In the end, I was able to stand on the other side's side and think about the problem in exchange for a solution.

But some men will pretend to be stupid and show bad gestures, thinking that this EQ is too lazy to fight with you for a way out. After a quarrel, I am used to being a lover, and I don't care about you as I imagined. Because he is willing to revolve around your body, and wishes you to walk in your heart.

Coax you to feel that you are too lazy to argue, because you are worried that speaking your mind will involve many differences to be resolved, and you want to taste the sweetness of love. To put it bluntly, you are just afraid of trouble.

Don't think that after this time, things can quietly turn the page. The contradictions have not been solved, and it is only a matter of time before they turn their faces.

We often see that some physical stores have clearly selected the material and paid for it, but when they arrive at the processing factory and see the real product, they clamor to return the order.

Selling things is natural, so customers choose.

However, due to unavoidable natural defects, the customer requested a chargeback.

, is this a customer problem, or our salesperson problem?

Make realistic promises and play hooligans yourself.

Setting a goal is a goal, and it has become a declaration of youth.

In this way, you are responsible for yourself and the company is responsible.

Love needs to be expressed, whether you do it or say it, you have to show it, otherwise you just want to have a shot? Whether you are a couple or a couple, let the other person know that you love him, no matter where the other person is . You can't hide your love in your heart and keep silent. So how to enhance the relationship? You deserve these skills.

Flirting between lovers is the seasoning to improve their relationship. Don't think that both of you are very sophisticated and need to play tricks. You know, it is human nature to like the new and dislike the old, and to like excitement. A leisurely evening and a holiday afternoon, complimenting him generously, his physique to his personal style, being careful not to be flashy, pointing out one or two of his non-trivial flaws, not laughing at him, or he laughs at himself, that might be the way to go , but pay attention to this, praise criticism.

Women in love will have the excitement of chasing, and sometimes play some tricks, which are eye-catching. In marriage, a woman loses herself and has no space and time for independent thinking. Western women are mavericks to make themselves glamorous, while Eastern women drown their creativity in the kitchen, thinking that they only need to be a husband and a child. However, men like overly active and passive women. Don't forget that men and family are not all in a woman's life. As a woman, she should have her own pursuits and dreams, so that women will be attractive.

Even if you have a tacit understanding to the point where you can read each other's eyes, there is no guarantee that this love will last. You and your partner will grow and your thinking will change. When there are differences, small fights can enhance mutual understanding and strengthen communication. However, we cannot blindly attack and blame each other, and play the game of crying, making trouble and hanging ourselves. Not only does this not resolve disputes, it can lead to resentment and resentment. Quarrels should be targeted and manageable.

Think about how you felt on a first date. As the number of times increases, the emotions will come down, and the feelings between both parties will increase. I hope that the feelings will continue to deepen and the thoughts will disappear. Satisfying the status quo will hinder the development of the relationship, so always hold the idea of ​​deepening the relationship.

If you do something wrong, the question should be whether the other party is right or someone misunderstood him. You should judge. If you can't forgive the other person, don't let the other person abandon him at a later time, it will make the other person feel worse. The other party slowed down and took measures to deal with the emotional problems of both parties. If you are willing to forgive the other person, and you give her support, your lover will deeply move you.

Someone who knows how to say "thank you" is always welcome. Most of the time, relying on the familiarity of the other party, they have no basic etiquette. Unknowingly destroyed the relationship between the two parties, a little self-knowledge. The performance is no matter what it is now, ask your partner to call, say something, and then "click" to hang up, or know that the other party is sleepy, continue to ask if the other party listens, and then blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So before you start your long story, don't forget to ask your lover, "Are you free now?"

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