[There is a saying about going up and down on the floor] Going up and down|Buying a house floor jingle|What does it mean to be poor and white?|

There are many issues in housing transactions that need to be considered and discussed by everyone, but in the past two years, the main hot topic has gone to the selection of housing floors. If you look at it with a trusting attitude, then the question arises, what is it like to buy a house with a jingle that is poor and white? How to choose the floor to buy a house?

1. The first floor and the second floor are rich. Carrots are sold on the third and fourth floors. Eat chrysanthemums on the fifth and sixth floors. The seventh and eighth floors are cadres. Get rich on the ninth and tenth floors.

2. The first floor, the second floor, the third floor and the fourth floor live in senior officials, the fifth floor is up and down, and the sixth floor cannot account for water leakage.

3. First look at the location, second, third floor, fourth look at the apartment type, and finally look at the price.

4. Poor and white, up and down

5. You can buy the first and second lines, and the third and fourth lines. You can buy planning areas and old towns. Can buy real estate, buy real estate.

6. You can buy the middle layer instead of the waistline layer. You can buy elevator rooms and step ladder rooms. You can buy a small three-bedroom or a big two-bedroom.

7. You can buy in the middle area and on the side of the road. You can get a mortgage loan, not the full amount. If you can buy a house, don't buy it late. You can buy subway entrances and outer suburbs.

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The floor jingle for buying a house: What does it mean to be poor and idle?

8. You can buy a house or an apartment, you can buy an urban area or a suburb, you can buy an existing house or an off-the-plan house, you can buy a multi-storey high-rise, you can buy an east house or not a west house, you can buy a west house or not a middle house, you can buy a community or a community , can buy now and buy later.

In the eyes of Americans, a house is a shelter from the wind and rain, but in our Chinese minds, buying a house is the top priority. A house is a necessity, whether it is for marriage or for children to go to school. Therefore, even if the housing price is high, many people It is to go to the bank for a loan to buy a house of your choice.

, When buying a house, no matter what floor or apartment type you choose, as long as you like to live in it, other things are not a problem. If you live in it, there is no point in looking at the house.

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What does it mean that the floor is "up and down"? The seventh floor sells better than the eighth floor? _ nonsense

What is "up and down", is it really important to choose a floor? _house

Buying a house is a big event in life. The older generation pays attention to feng shui when buying a house, and there are formulas, such as "buy a single, not a double". When choosing a floor, buy an odd number, not an even number. 17 floors, don't buy even numbers: 4, 10, 14, 18 floors, many people may think that there is no difference. So what are the sayings of "buy a single, not a double"?

Many people say that when buying a house, buy a one-story single-storey house. There are rooms in the house, and a house includes a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, study room and several houses with storage rooms. The sum of the number of bedrooms and bathrooms is an odd number, so it is. , This is just a rumor, just looking for a psychological comfort, combined with Chinese tradition.

People in the real estate industry have given reasonable explanations for these problems. Many people may believe that the community no longer has a first floor, so the first floor and the second floor have become popular floors. The lighting conditions , ventilated, and there are many mosquitoes in summer, so you can buy the second floor. Why do you like the fourth floor? The reason is that it sounds "dead" in homonym, which is auspicious, so many people like to buy the fourth floor. The seventh and eighth floors mean the so-called "up and down". ", and many people like this word, because the eighth floor occupies this word, so many people like it on the eighth floor, the fourteenth floor and the fourth floor like the reason, and the fourteenth sounds like "die", which is taboo. These numbers that everyone likes are basically even numbers, so there is that formula.

In fact, "pay the bill and not buy the double" is just a psychological factor, and there is no scientific basis. Putting aside these claims, these floors are not deliberately avoided. When it comes to how to choose floors when buying a house, there are two kinds that really need to be avoided, such as the top floor and The ground floor, generally speaking, few people choose these two floors, because of the lighting conditions on the ground floor, if the house is close to the road, there will be a lot of noise, disturbing daily life. Air circulation leads to the house, not only that, there will be a lot of mosquitoes in summer. So many people like the bottom layer.

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